Club Comparrison

You obviously must be seriously thinking about joining a private club.  The private club experience is far more than just enjoying fantastic amenities.  You are about to become part of something.  Below are some questions and a comparison of the local clubs in the area.  We hope you will use this tool to make the best decisions for you and your family. 

Questions to ask private clubs before you join.

How is the Club doing financially?  May I see the financial reports for the past five years?  Beware of clubs that don’t share this information.  They may have some bad news they are hiding. Remember, you are joining a club not just buying a season’s pass to play golf. 

May I see your newsletters for the entire year?  Clubs may tell you about all the wonderful things they do for their members but ask to see it in black and white. 

May I see the member-only part of the website?  This will be a true indicator of the life of the club and show what’s important to the membership. 

What capital plans have you completed the last five years?  Is the club in a rut or have they been moving forward?

How many golf outings do you host per year?  Is the Club open on Mondays?

May I see the golf calendar?  Is there a nice mix of organized events and open times to play golf?

May I dine at your club, try out the pool, golf etc. before I join? 
You should meet the members on your own and experience the amenities for yourself.  You want to make sure you and your family are welcome.

Who owns and runs the Club?  Is it a corporation or do the members own and operate the club?   

Below is a list of services and facilities provided by the local clubs. Certainly we couldn’t compare all of them so don’t be afraid to ask the clubs about particular services and facilities that are important to you and your family.

Management Nashua Manchester Vesper Sky
Member Owned                                                 
Member Operated            


Golf Course Comparison
Nashua Manchester Vesper Sky
18 Hole Championship Course  
Course Designed by Famous Architect        
Practice Putting Green        
Full Time PGA Staff        
Tee Times      
Online Tee Times      
Full Size and Level Driving Range        
Short Game Practice Facility        
USGA Spec Greens and Bunkers      
Dedicated Youth Instruction    
Access to Dozens of Private Golf Courses        
Access to Dozens of Private Golf Courses for free      
Dining and Social Nashua Manchester Vesper Sky
Formal and Casual Dining Events For Members        
Open 12 Months Per Year        
Seasonal or Limited Dining Hours    
Children's Events 12 months per year        
Formal and Casual Adults Events 12 months per year      
Number of Member Dining Areas  4 3  3 2


Tennis Nashua Manchester Vesper Sky Meadow
Tennis Courts                    
Court Surface  Har-True   Asphalt Asphalt
Full Time Tennis Staff        
Weekly Adult Social    Tennis                                            
Daily Organized  Youth and Adult Tennis                                  


Aquatics       Nashua Manchester Vesper Sky
Swimming Pool                                          
Suitable for Laps      
Full Time Aquatics Director        
Active Youth Swim Team    
Poolside Snack Bar      
Cocktail and Food Service at Pool      
Weekly Family Pool Socials      
Fitness Nashua Manchester Vesper Sky
Fitness Center                                            
Fitness Classes