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Nashua Country Club is a private club whose purpose is to provide for the pleasure of Members and their families through golf and other activities, dining, and functions involving social interaction of Members with common interests.

January 1, 2017~
NCC is currently accepting applications for membership.  At this time, there are only five openings for a Full Golf Membership.   For additional information, please contact Debbie Bednarz at 603-821-5759. 

There may be snow on the ground, but NCC is in full swing for the year.  We have several exciting programs for you to be able to join Nashua Country Club-Where YOU Belong!

Program One.  “Entrance Fee Reduction.”  The entrance fee for a Full Member is now only $5,000 reduced from $10,000.  The entrance fee may be paid in monthly payments with no interest or in its entirety with a credit card.

Program Two.  If you are a member of another private club or in the past five years, please ask about our OCC program.

Program Three.  The Club has very attractive offers for members under age 35.  Please ask for details.

If you have any questions or would like to come in for a tour of the property,  please contact  Debbie Bednarz at  603-821-5759 or  email Debbie at 

For a membership brochure, please click here.

It’s time to consider joining Nashua Country Club-Where YOU belong!


Nashua is a traditional private country club organized for the benefit of its members. We would be happy to discuss membership with you.  Golf Membership is strictly limited to 355 families to ensure access to our facilities when the members desire.

We have several types of memberships available and inquiries are welcome.

Full Golf Member: Has full use of all facilities
Associate Member: Has full use of all facilites for those under age 30
Intermediate Member: Has full use of all facilites for those between the age of 30 and 35
Sports Member: Has use of Dining, Social, Clubhouse, Curling, Pool and Tennis facilities.
Sports Associates Member: Has use of Dining, Social, Clubhouse, Pool and Tennis for those under age 35
Curling Member: Has use of the Curling, Dining and Social.
Social Member: Has use of Dining facilities and access to social events.

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