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Curling Protocol 2020

Prior to/Arriving to Curl
  • All curlers are expected to arrive in good health
  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to game
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at various places in the sports center
  • Face Coverings will be required at all times
  • Players will enter through the front door of the Sport Center and proceed immediately downstairs to change into curling attire.
  • Players will proceed up to the warm room via the stairs by the elevator (essentially providing a one way traffic flow to/from the changing area downstairs)
  • FYI - Current NCC plans are to have the warm room bar open this winter for members – thus there may be other non curlers in the warm room area.
On the ice (Curling)
  • Face coverings required at all times.
  • Start times for games will be staggered
    • Games may also start at alternating ends of the ice
    • Trying to promote social distancing
  • Games will be 6 ends for the fall season.
  • Each team is permitted one sweeper at a time
  • 1 skip in the house at a time
  • Defensive sweeping is not allowed beyond the tee line
    • Keeps only one team/skip in the house at a time
  • On-ice water pitchers will not be available
  • Determination of rock color and hammer will be contactless
  • No handshaking before or after curling
  • Only the Vice Skip(s) will be allowed to use the scoreboard
  • Curling stones to be touched only by the player using them
  • Stone handles, brooms, measuring devices, sliders, scoreboard will be sanitized daily
  • Curlers are encouraged to use their own equipment.
  • If a curler borrows a broom or slider, they will place it in a designated spot for cleaning – more info to come on this
  • Recommendations for where curlers should stand during games, and how to maintain traffic patterns on the ice in order to social distance will be provided
After Curling
  • Leave numbers on scoreboard
  • Exit the rink, follow one-way traffic flow recommendations mentioned above
  • Change shoes and exit the building through the back door (or to enter the warm room bar area)
 Curling survey
In an effort to help protect all curlers from the spread of COVID-19, Nashua Country Club Curling Committee has developed special procedures for curling this fall. Everything is subject to change in the future (for both relaxing and becoming  more  strict with the standards) A we know, with COVID what applies  today doesn’t necessarily apply  tomorrow.
In developing these procedures, we have considered information from a variety of sources, including USA Curling, GNCC as well as CDC guidelines. We will continue to monitor guidelines and update our procedures as appropriate. The safety of all of the curlers is of utmost importance.
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For generations, young and old alike have taken to the ice for friendly competition and enthusiastic community.  Nashua Country Club is a place where new curlers will feel welcome in an environment where everyone can learn and compete together. 


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