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Nashua Country Club – Covid Protocols

Updated – Dec. 6, 2020 

Prior to/Arriving to Curl

  • All curlers are expected to arrive in good health
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at various places in the sports center
  • Face coverings are required when on the ice and in the warm room.  Please maintain social distancing whenever possible.
  • Curlers should enter the warm room through the main entrance only (follow signs)
On the ice (Curling)
  • Face coverings required at all times
  • Only ONE sweeper is allowed on a given shot, no alternating sweepers
    • No defensive sweeping at any time
  • Only one skip is allowed in the house at a time
    • PLEASE Maintain 6’ distancing when in the house
  • On-ice “communal” water pitchers will not be available
  • Determination of rock color and hammer will be contactless – league chairs will provide guidance on this
  • No handshaking before or after curling
  • Only the Vice Skip(s) will be allowed to use the scoreboard
  • Curling stones to be touched only by the player using them
    • If practicing or warming up ahead of a game, players should use their own numbered rocks and/or wipe them down upon completing warm ups
  • Stone handles, brooms, measuring devices, sliders, scoreboard will be sanitized daily – following play, teams are also recommended to wipe down rock handles with wipes provided for each sheet
  • Curlers are encouraged to use their own equipment
  • If a curler uses any club equipment (broom, stabilizer, etc.), they will place it in a designated “dirty” bucket for daily sanitization
  • Recommendations for where curlers should stand during games have been added to each sheet – chips/discs have been placed 6’ apart on sheet dividing lines
After Curling
  • Leave numbers on scoreboard
  • Teams should wipe down rock handles with wipes/sanitizer that is available
  • Follow signs/instructions for leaving the rink using the exit by the elevator
  • REMINDER – if you are planning on practicing at other times, you must sign up on the curling section of, or using the mobile app.

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