2019-2020 Season

To Regsister for the upcoming season, go to nccurling.com

Good morning, 
When I initially took over as President’s Cup league chair and later as Curling Chair itself, it always annoyed me at the seemingly archaic way that curler league registration worked. When you registered the ‘old way’, filing out the form on the NCC Curling web page, it completed a form and sent an email to Tim Miller. Tim then went through that email form line by line, figuring out which leagues you signed up for and then forwarding that email to the respective league chair. So, as a league chair, I was getting sometimes 10-15 emails per day, with curlers signing up for the President’s Cup men’s league on Monday/Tuesday. I would put them in a folder, then update a spread sheet so I could answer the question, who’s playing in my league!
I wanted to create a simpler process, both for the curler and the chairs, where all the information would be stored in a database, and retrievable at the touch of a button. Who’s playing in LOTE in the fall as a sub? Click this button to find out.  Want to see the sub list for Social Curling? Click this button to generate an email. It should be that easy. We should be able to generate lists at the drop of a hat. The league chairs shouldn't need to keep notebooks, or excel spreadsheets, it should all be available to them. 
So, after a discussion with Ed Clark, the new Curling Czar and David Scaer, we decided to do just that. So, we took it upon ourselves to write a web application for registration, stats, lists, updates, etc. Registration this year will be done using this new sight
Here are a few notes, instructions, and caveats to consider. Please read them carefully:
- If you were lucky enough to have been one of the ‘beta testers’, your account was wiped, please create a new one. This does not include the folks who registered last night, you’re all set. If you were asked to test the sight, just try logging in. If your account is there, you’re all set, if it says email not found, then you need to create a new account :-)
- This is a work in progress, all the required functionality for creating account and registering for leagues should be there. I’m continuing to fine tune the app but wanted to release now so we could get everyone to create their accounts and register for the leagues. If we didn’t start using this now, we would effectively be shelving the app for the next year since we can’t have everyone register after leagues have started. So, please be patient with issues and any overall look and feel problems on the application. It was important that we get the functionality deployed now, before the season began, and worry about ‘how it looks’ until afterwards.
- The process works like this. For the first time, on the login page, hit the ‘Register’ tab on the top right, create an account with username/password. The first time you log in, you will need to create your profile. Once that’s done, the menu on the left will be enabled. Right now there’s not much, event calendar, edit your profile and league enrollment. There’s great things planned for the future in this menu. I envision being able to come here for league stats, update win/loss records, generate emails for subs, etc. I’ve got a whole feature list planned.
- Mobile mode is a little wonky, the layout on some screens is squished, but you should be able to do everything as needed. I’ve sent this out to several curlers to test and the feedback is just that, some screens looked squished, but they could do everything. Apparently, turning your phone sideways helps on some of the screens with lots of data
- PLEASE DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER OR MICROSOFT EDGE to use the website. There are problems creating your profile. Chrome/Firefox/mobile devices are fine. If you absolutely need to use IE/Edge because that’s all you have, contact me directly and I’ll provide a set of instructions. I wanted to make the website intuitive enough that it shouldn’t need instructions, but there are special cases for IE and Edge
- The left hand navigation menu is open by default in a desktop browser, but in mobile mode, on a phone, you’ll need to open it using the little ‘hamburger’ (the three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another) in the top left hand corner. Touch that, the menu will open and you can add youth curlers, register for leagues, etc.
- Everyone should register and create a curling profile, if you plan on playing in a league, or are registering a kid who will be participating in youth curling. Each adult will create a profile for themselves whether they plan on playing in a league or not and parents who are registering their kids must also create a profile for the youth curler. 
- We’re collecting all the information in the curler profiles to provide rosters to the club, GNCC and USCA much more streamlined.
- All league registration and confirmation is on the ‘League Enrollment’ link on the left. There you will see which leagues you’re enrolled in and which the youth curlers under your account are registered in. Youth curler league registration output is a little funky, that was the last thing I completed this morning. Unlike the parental registration where it shows the league you’re enrolled in, the youth just says ‘Registered’ for now. Working on that at a later date. Remember, this is a work in progress ;-)
- I was asked about email confirmation when registering for a league. Right now, there is none. When you first go to the league enrollment page, it tells you that you have not signed up for any leagues, then after enrolling in one or more leagues, the leagues you are enrolled in are shown as a list. That’s your confirmation. I can look into email confirmation at a later date if folks feel more comfortable getting an additional notification
- For this round, you will need to hit the ‘Enroll’ button for each league you want to enroll in. The enroll process is a step wizard and not all steps are applicable for each league, so that’s why they’re not all on the same form. It’s a little more of a pain in the butt for the curler, but makes the job of the data collectors and league chairs leaps and bounds easier.
- For now, any league that supports team play, i.e. Social, Competitive, Mixed Doubles where you are signing up with one or more teammates, only one person should be signing up for the whole team. Everyone needs to create an account and create a curler profile, but only the skip enrolls in the league for the team. So, Maggie and I both create accounts and both create profiles, but only I enroll us in Social Curling as a team, providing Maggie’s name where prompted. Eventually, this will be a little better, where you search the roster of those that have accounts, pick their name from a list and select them as teammates, but that’s a future enhancement. For now, it’s text boxes ;-)
- Report any bugs to me, please be patient, remember that this is a work in progress and will have problems to start. Once we get over the initial rush to get everyone signed up, I’ll begin bug fixing and feature implementation. Periodically, I will take the sight down for maintenance and updating the software.
So, without further ado, navigate to ncccurling.com on your phone or browser and have at it. Note that this is a completely separate sight from NCC, so you’ll need to register, your credentials for Nashua Country Club website will not work here.
Please report any issues, concerns, comments to me. 
Thanks for your patience, Bill Stearns

Heather League Womens Curling

League Summary:  A women’s recreational, competitive league that meets weekly on Monday mornings.  This is a great league to improve your curling skills in a friendly and helpful curling environment.    A curling pin award is given at the Closing Bonspiel to the winning team.
Time:  Monday Mornings (9:15 AM in Warm Room, 9:30 AM on ice)
League Chairs:  Lisa Heaps (emheaps@comcast.net)
Season:  League play will begin the week of November 9th
Registration:  Registration will be available until November 6th

Monday/Tuesday Night Men's

League Summary:  This is a Men’s competitive league that meets weekly.  Awards are given at the Closing Bonspiel for Men’s League overall champion as well as the Championship team for both Monday and Tuesday nights.
Time:  Monday & Tuesday Evenings (6:00 PM in Warm Room, 6:15 PM on ice)
League Chair:  Mark Kanakis (kanakis@mklawnh.com)
Season:  League play will begin the week of November 16th
Registration:  Registration will be available until Nov. 6th

Wednesday Night Competitive Open

League Summary:  Wednesday Night Competitive League.  The definition of “competitive league” is as follows:  A team made up of experienced curlers who can compete at a higher level than the various men’s, women, and social leagues.  The desire for this league is for serious curlers to compete against other teams that are competitive in nature as well.  
Time:  Wednesday Evenings (6:00 PM in Warm Room, 6:15 PM on ice)
League Chair:  Jeff Fasulo (dr.jeff.fasulo@gmail.com)
Season:  League play will begin the week of November 9th
Registration:  Registration will be available until Nov. 6th

Thursday Night LOTE Ladies Curling

League Summary:  This is a women’s, recreational, competitive league.  An award is given at the Closing Bonspiel to the winning team
Time:  Thursday Evenings (6 PM in warm room, 6:15 PM sharp on ice)
League Chair; Sandy Comstock(scomstock27@gmail.com)  and Co-Chair Lori Apercino (lapicerno@comcast.net)
Season:  League play will begin the week of November 9th
Registration:  Registration will be available until November 6th

Social Curling

League Summary:  The Social League is for men, women and couples and plays mainly Friday and occasionally on Saturday evenings.   Games are 6 End Games -- shorter to allow for socializing after the match. 
Time:  Friday Evenings (6 PM in warm room, 6:15 PM sharp on ice).
League Chair: Chris Williamson (williamsochris@live.com)
Season:  League play will begin January 3rd, 2021
Registration:  Registration will be available until December 25th

Youth Curling

League Summary:  This is a league to introduce NCC children to the sport of curling and develop their curling skills.  Children, and grandchildren, can join the program at any time during the season. 
Time:  Sundays through the winter from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.   
Season:  League play will begin TBD
League Chair: Shauna Pendleton (sncpendleton@comcast.net) Registration:  Registration will be available until TBD